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Can you be aware in two places at once?
In this fascinating interview with the lovely Julie, Dr. Yosef is describing his experiences of bilocation, Out of Body Experiences and meeting his starseeds relatives
Take a peek at his breathtaking experiences 

Can the consciousness experience the metaphysics while connected to physicals body?
In this interview, Dr. Ella describes her journey toward the conscious Out of Body Experiences.
Take a peek to learn how you can have OBE in few simple steps!

Have you ever wondered how the first particles of matter were formed?
Even if you believe that God created everything, the Bible describes creation as beginning from a state of chaos. Chaos requires the existence of something. So how was this something created?
Take a peek at the fundamental paradox of existence out of nothing

How do we sense the things that are out of our five senses sensitivity spectrum? 

We use our sixth sense – the one that perceives things that are out of the sensitivity spectrum of the other senses. The pineal gland, also known as the third eye is this “feeling” inside or the sixth sense.

Discover what the pineal gland is and how to use it.

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