Dr. Yosef Segman & Dr. Ella Sheiman

Yosef and Ella have worked together for almost a decade, bringing medical inventions to help the humans and animals. During their life, both of them also acquired spiritual knowledge as they travel across the physical and metaphysical spaces. Following a mutual inner call, they combine now in order to transfer their knowledge of Science when it meets the Spirituality.

DR. Yosef Segman

Yosef was born in Israel. Had difficulties in school, was kicked out in the six grade, then he was kicked out in the nineth grade and finally he did not finish high school.

Yet, he never stopped discussing with GOD about reality. For example, as a child at age 10 or so, he had to walk about 2 kilometers to the school. During that time, he argues with GOD, if you can do everything, how about making downhill in both directions to and from school. Of course, that wish had never fulfilled. There is a pretty good reason why such request would not be fulfilled.

By age 24, Yosef completed one-year preparation study to the University, kind of a second chance for those who did not finish high school.

When Yosef filled the University form asking what do you wish to study, it was a magic moment, someone grab his hand towards mathematics.

By age 32 Yosef received his PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Technion, following he spent two years post doc in the EE department. In 1992 he spent the summer in Siegen University and 1992-1993 he spent one year visiting prof at Harvard University. Yosef has published numerous scientific papers and patents in the area of Wavelets, signal and image process, brain quantum neural network and medical devices.

In 1993 he Founded Oplus Technology Ltd, doing microchip for the TV industry. During 2002-2004 he spent two years in Shanghai. April 2004, he started new initiative Cnoga Medical Ltd. Developing disruptive noninvasive blood monitoring technology. In 2005 Oplus was acquired by Intel.

During 1994, while Yosef drove his car, a pillar of light split his consciousness into two distinct parts. One part (awareness) continued driving the car and the other part (Pure Consciousness) had no body sat in front of three entities with full awareness. Each consciousness segment was in full awareness. What do you wish to know? A question was asked by the aligns. The book “Journey into the Void” is a summary of a wonderful dialogue with the aligns entities. Yosef has chosen to live regular life and continue to be entrepreneur introducing new concept and ideas until end of 2019.

January 2020 was a turning point. The beginning of a new journey. A Journey to introduce society to new level of Scientific Spirituality. A level of understanding that the existence of matter out of void is a logical state. To improve telepathic communication by using the brain capability as the best communicator. To practice astral journeys. To meet other species, extraordinary entities with strong telepathic ability that can control the universes. It is a time to change ideology from politics of controlling people and power to dominate other into power of the pure intention, of attraction, care and creation. A time to promote new era “scientific spirituality”, to be aware to beyond reality and take part in the scientific spiritual creation.

Dr. Ella Sheiman

Ever since I was little, I knew I was not originally from this planet. The regular explanations of God did not apply and I searched for the answers that will settle down this inner call I had.

Meanwhile I grew up, became practical as every responsible adult should be (or at least that’s what I’ve been told), studied Veterinary medicine as I always dreamt (everybody told me this is not so practical- but I insisted with this one) and became a doctor for horses which I loved ever since I remember myself (although my family never had any connection to horses, it was always only me, fascinated with this beautiful creature).

When time came and there was a need to start earning money (this annoying thing used in this world) and my first daughter was born, I understood I need to get a more settled position and went to look my fortune in a hi-tech field. And then a call came, from a company called Cnoga. I was scheduled for an interview with the company CEO and got the address of the company. Rushing to the interview I went to the area I thought the company located in. I searched for almost 20 minutes but couldn’t locate it (those were the times when regular maps and your senses were the only navigators you can use).

I was already almost giving that up, saying to myself: “well, apparently it was not meant to be…”, when I thought came up in my mind, a very clear one, saying: “hey, doesn’t the lady say that they are located near Binyamina junction?”. Suddenly, I realized I am at the wrong junction! I raced as hell and eventually arrived 5 minutes late, but arrived. The man sitting in front of me raised an unfocused stare at me from his computer, accepting my apologies for being late, and started asking some really unrelated questions such as what are my hobbies!? Then he gave me to translate some hideous article about war battle ships from Hebrew to English (wow that was harsh one!). and somehow after all that he said: “well come tomorrow to see if you can manage it”. That man was Dr. Yosef Segman and this scenario took place at 2012.

After working together few years and talking about issues related to the spiritual world based on mathematical approach, he suggested that I send my consciousness to the zero and sent me a book “Journey into the Void”. The rest is history 😊 After reading his book (and not understanding more than half of it 😊) all the questions from my childhood came back and I couldn’t hold it any more. The correct teacher has come, my journey has begun.

Since then I did a lot of group learning and self-learning. I have visited my previous lives and the metaphysical world of between incarnations. I have met my soul family and learned my soul specialization. I have performed shamanic journeys with my totem guides into the under and upper worlds. And I have connected with my super consciousness.

During all that time I have been asking myself: “what is my mission in this life”. Then, a call from the universe has come, clear and loud: “now it is time to share with others the knowledge you have accumulated”. So, here I stand before you, ready to fulfill that mission with all my heart.