Expand your horizons beyond the imagination with our courses

Journey Into The Existence - Digital

From the first particle to the universe and beyond. Now with discount!

Journey Into The Existence - Frontal

From the first particle to the full metaphysics. Launch price for limited time!

Advanced Wanderer - Digital

Defining and practicing the pure consciousness and the power of intention.

Advanced Wanderer - Frontal

Enhancing the ability of pure consciousness via Out of Body Experiences.

  • Void2Life accesses the spirit with science. No more science or spirit but
    science and spirit, one creation.
  • Our team consists of scientists who will reveal to you their scientific research
    about existence of reality out of nothing, and explain the laws of science and
    beyond science.
  • Experienced team, with 30 years of scientific research experience and
    high-tech entrepreneurship while exploring and experimenting beyond reality.
  • Our team received experience and training in the astral realm to control
    awareness outside the boundaries of time and space.
  • Our study materials allow a comprehensive experience of theory and practice
    that are bundled together in frontal, digital, and book courses. This allows a
    personalized learning experience at the most appropriate times and rhythm.