Journey into the Void


This book is the outcome of a face 2 face meeting with three  entities during 1994. The meeting occurred while the author drove his car. A post of light split the author consciousness into two parts, awareness continued driving the car and the pure consciousness were faced the three aligns. What do you want to know, they asked? Pursuant this meeting a dialogue between a pure consciousness called “Sham” and the author resulted in the book “Journey into the Void” in 1995 and the English version in 1997. Sham provides understanding to some fundamental questions concerning the Existence. From where the first grain of sand comes into realization out of nothing. The creation of Universes and their location. Brain functionality and Consciousness. What is a soul? How is it possible to be a pure consciousness without carrying a body and yet to be aware of, e.g., see, hear, feel and most of all to think. What is the meaning of the idiom “God” and how to communicate with other dimensions?
Here in this fascinating book in which the Author provides the Human race a new insight into the unknown. Understanding of some of the mysteries of existing and non-existing is surly to come after reading this esoteric book.

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