is an organization aiming to investigate, teach and share knowledge

about the origin of things, the existence of matter out of void.

Void2Life is to free the mind perception:

• To understand void and its complementary,  time and lack of time, order and disorder, ‎brain activity and neurons
   synchronization, time traveling and/or discontinuous traveling, ‎universes and their locations. ‎
• To empower awareness that there are infinite uncountable virtual equations, representing ‎infinite uncountable universes with
   each universe preserving total matter zero with its ‎complementary.‎
• To reopen and improve communication abilities with other entities and realms. It is not ‎only about new technology; it is about
   empowering brain activity as most suitable ‎communicator. We are standing in front of a new exciting period with an open-
   minded ‎generation to communicate with the outside and the inside worlds. ‎
• To expose humanity to possibilities beyond wars and conflicts that prevent humanity from ‎moving forward. ‎
• To improve imagination and creation for better life in the new upcoming era.‎
• To investigate, teach and share knowledge on how to control dreams and experience out of the body pure consciousness.
• To empower the pure consciousness ability to see, ‎speak, hear and wander across the metaphysical internet and to be creators
   of ‎worlds.

Void2Life aims to promote activity for the benefit of mankind and our world
We invite everybody ‎to join us, as it is awakening time for revolution.
Let’s trust ourselves, our deep feeling and ‎intuition.
Let’s create reality where we are connected to other species in this and other universes.
Let’s become what we wish to be.