is a journey into the secret of existence
aiming to empower the pure consciousness intention by
understanding the metaphysical law of matter out of
void & life realization

Stephen Hawking said the universe has started from a big bang, but he did not say who brought the explosion matter.

Physicists tell us the universe is expanding, but they do not tell us what it is expanding into.  

People say soul remains after death, but no one really knows what is soul.

If you wish to explore how matter exist out of the void and into what the universe is expanding.

If beyond physics, i.e. metaphysics, is a place you wish to explore.

If you wish to explore how the brain couples into metaphysical information

If you wish to explore your pure consciousness

If you wish to prepare yourself for the moment of disengagement of your soul from your body

If you wish to understand how to create protection, healing and blessing symbols

If you wish to empower your intention and to be a potential explorer of the metaphysical space.

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 Reveal the secret of existence. How matter exists out of total void. What is outside the universe? What is the metaphysical space? How the brain “downloads” metaphysical information? How GOD is related to this story?  How to prepare yourself to disengage your soul from your body and to explore the metaphysical space. 

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You can have a “taste” of the contents of our courses in the following video interviews – Dr. Ella & Dr. Yosef


Journey Into The Existence - Digital

From the first particle to the universe and beyond. Now with discount!

Journey Into The Existence- Frontal

From the first particle to the full metaphysics. Launch price for limited time!

Advanced Wanderer - Digital

Defining and practicing the pure consciousness and the power of intention.

Advanced Wanderer - Frontal

Enhancing the ability of pure consciousness via Out of Body Experiences.

About Us

Dr. Yosef Segman

Dr. Ella Sheiman

Yosef and Ella have worked together for almost a decade, bringing medical inventions to help the humans and animals. During their life, both of them also acquired spiritual knowledge as they travel across the physical and metaphysical spaces. Following a mutual inner call, they combine now in order to transfer their knowledge of Science when it meets the Spirituality.

Read our multidisciplinary publications and stay updated with the latest discoveries in the field combining
Science and Spirituality.

The logical perception of the Origin of Matter and the outside of the Universe

This peer reviewed article provides the answer to mysterious questions that remained unanswered so far. How matter exist to ignite the big bang explosion? Into what the universe is expanding? What is the metaphysical space? And more..

The logical perception of the pure consciousness

Does pure consciousness exist without being incarnated within a physical body? Can such claim be proven logically? The aim of this paper is to show that, the consciousness is a logical rather than energetical state which exists timelessly and can be experienced beyond the physical body.

Warp Drive with Positive Energy

This paper presents new geometries for spaceship that produces positive energy and may therefore enable movement above the speed of light.

Jump Drive, Replicators, Transporters, and Time Travel

This paper introduces the theoretical feasibility of Jump Drive (like in Stargate), replicators, transporters (Scotty, beam me up), and time travel.

Every thing is timelessly connected

All things are strings of consciousness reflected in groups of synchronized neurons. Metaphysical - physical, matter and complementary matter or the dark matter. Traveling between universes and between times, portals, DNA as a sequence of frequencies and the connection to the vision of dry bones.

This book describes the secrets of existence out of nothing via a personal journey of a time and space wanderer that searches for understanding the Universe and beyond. Join him on this fascinating journey to discover the mysteries of the creation..