Journey into the Existence – Digital Course

Have you ever wondered how the first particle of matter came into existence?

Even if you believe that God created everything, the Bible describes the creation as starting from a state of chaos. Chaos requires existence of something. So, how this something became? 
Additionally, if God created everything, God existed before the creation, so how God exists? Is God separated from the God creation? And if not, then how is it possible that the creation evolves while God is a whole that does not evolve?

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Those questions will begin our journey into the wonders of existence. During the journey we will also discuss:

·        About the Void and its complementary

·        Universes and their location

·        Order and disorder

·        The brain as the most innovative technology

·        And how do we “download” the information from the metaphysical space.

This journey is to empower your awareness and to develop the intention of your consciousness so you can “play” with the matter to create new worlds and universes as well as create your own reality to be the most beneficial for you.

The digital journey enables you to travel with us whenever you want, at your free time. It includes seven theoretical lessons, as well as five practical exercises that will improve your abilities to work with your body and consciousness in order to visit other realms, to boost your intuition, define your purpose and many others.

Join us to this wonderful experience!       
 14.90% instead of 30$