Advanced Wanderer- Frontal course

We will dive deeper and enhance our abilities that were acquired during the basic course “Journey Into the Existence”.


During this advanced journey:

·  Short summary of the basics- Void and its complementary, universe and its complementary and the metaphysical space.

·        We will practice to communicate and “work” with the pure consciousness.

·        We will practice how to enhance the ability to intend

·        We will practice physical and metaphysical energies in the daily life.

·        We will discuss and practice the lucid dreaming.

·        We will practice the law of attraction based on the principles acquired during the basic course

·        We will learn how to treat unsolved issues from previous lives.

·        Boosting the intuitive basis for daily tasks such as intuitive reading, intuitive hearing etc.

·        We will practice the metaphysical orientation (remote viewing) using a coordinate method that was highly secret for years.

·        We will design a personal plan for daily practice at home

·        And finally, we will touch the subject of Out of Body Explorations.

This journey is to further empower your awareness and to develop the intention of your consciousness so you can “play” with the matter to create new worlds and universes as well as create your own reality to be the most beneficial for you.

This journey will include theoretical lessons as well as practical exercises that will boost your power of intention and will enable you to use the metaphysics in your daily life in order to deal with any problem or obstacle on your life path.

This journey will give you the tools to deal with any situation that you will encounter during your daily life and overcome it easily. No more different solutions for different problem- enhance your consciousness and know how to deal with them all.

Will be available soon!